Solitary Experiments - Stars (Modulo One Remix)

135.0 bpm , a#


Every single candlelight
Sets a blaze if they burn together
Every day and every night
Standing side by side forever
Divided we will fall united we will stand
A revolution is at hand

If we were stars glowing in the sky
Illuminate the dark like a shining light
If we were sparks flying in the wind
Flashing in the night ignite the flame within

Every mistakes we have made
Show that we are only human
Every fire which it takes
Gives us hope at least for a moment
For better or for worse
Together we shall spend our time until the end

If we were hearts beating in one chest
Pounding like a drum holding our hands
If we were words ending in a rhyme
Written in a book to stand the test of time

(Chorus 2X)


This is my entry for Solitary Experiments' 2014 remix competition.

Vocals by Solitary Experiments, everything else by Modulo One.