"No Way to Win" out now, with remixes from Kant Kino, Substaat, Subsquare

Sept. 1, 2020, midnight

Modulo One releases new single with Kant Kino, Substaat, Subsquare

Norwegian dark electro band Modulo One releases their new dark electro single "No Way to Win" 1 September. The single includes remixes from Kant Kino, Substaat and Subsquare. "I'm so happy with the remixes on this one!", producer and front man Anders says. "Oftentimes, remixes sound quite similar to the original, maybe with a different baseline or some extra synths. These remixers really went out of their way to make something completely new and unique. Subsquare even added a rap!"

Having ditched albums, Modulo One instead releases singles every second month. The next one up is "Redemption" 1 November, which will include a Faderhead remix.

Why did you decide to release singles instead of albums?

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Modulo One - No Way to Win

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