Ten Thousand Meters of Desert to be released 26 March!

March 11, 2018, 12:48 p.m.

We're excited to announce that our debut EP "Ten Thousand Meters of Desert" will be released 26 March 2018 on all digital platforms! The EP contains the three original tracks "Ten Thousand Meters of Desert", "The Touch" and "Cyclotron", as well as remixes by Assemblage 23, lug00ber, Bitbear and ourselves.

The EP is already available for pre-order on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.

Read the full press release below:

Modulo One releases debut EP with remixes from Assemblage 23, lug00ber, Bitbear

Contact: Anders Schau Knatten, moduloone@moduloone.com

Modulo One releases debut EP with remixes from Assemblage 23, lug00ber, Bitbear.

Norwegian futurepop duo Modulo One releases their debut EP, Ten Thousand Meters of Desert, 26 March 2018 ( Cover photo). Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Modulo One consists of producer and vocalist Anders Schau Knatten and keyboardist Tom André Solli.

Knatten started writing a few tracks as Modulo One in 2013, but the project got more serious in 2016 when he recruited long term friend and DJ collaborator Tom André Solli. The same year they also remixed Substaat’s “Elusive”, a remix which Darksynthradio named one of the best tracks of 2016.

In 2017 they played their first concert, remixed Bitbear’s “Raise the Dead”, and recorded their debut EP Ten Thousand Meters of Desert, released 26 March 2018. The EP consists of three original tracks, as well as four remixes, and is available on all digital platforms through their own label Synthetic North. All tracks are written, produced and performed by Anders Schau Knatten, except remixes by the respective artists. The EP was mastered by Sebastian Komor of Xenomorph Productions.

Later this year another EP is planned, and a remix of Komputergirl’s “Voyager” is also scheduled for release.

For more information, see http://moduloone.com.